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  • MagaCarter

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    January 22, 2022 at 5:16 am
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    new ideas: if two sets of an extended family are at the grandparents’ house Maybe cots and sleeping bags can be used?

    let’s say there’s four bedrooms in a grandparents’ home. One grandparents’ bedroom of course. and then there’s three other bedrooms.

    In Family A there’s only are two girls. In Family C there’s 2 girls, and a middle child a boy.

    Depending on which family gets their first, either the younger of the two girls of Family A sleep on a cot in the same bedroom as my parents. Or the boy in Family C sleeps on a cot in bedroom with his parents. Otherwise younger girls of both Family A and C, sleep in another bedroom together (not in the same bed mind you), and the older girls of both families sleep in sleeping bags over the kitchen

    Basically I’m suggesting cots and sleeping bags.