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  • MagaCarter

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    January 10, 2022 at 11:38 pm
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    new brainstorming!

    👁What physical and identity traits could be passed down from parents to their children?

    What physical and identity traits could be passed down from parents to their children? hair/eye colour/ and shape (body shape, or eye shape), ability for musical/sports, temperament

    📚 What kind of knowledge or tradition could be passed down to other generations? How would it be passed down?

    . What one does during holidays, weddings, gradutations, family history, family recipes

    🏺What kind of items could be passed down from one generation to another?

    Clothing, jewelry, family recopies, pottery, etc.

    👪What would an intergenerational home look like in Paralives?

    ither grandparent(s)+son/daughter and in-law, + grandchildren, OR grandparent(s)+two sets of adult children and in-laws + their children.

    🏆What generations related rewards or challenges would you like to see in-game?

    Wills maybe? Or maybe once we get more worlds paras whom own businesses can go away for a week or weekend and leave a teen child in charge as a test

    👵What kind of specific interactions could different age groups have with each other? For example, grandparents with their grandchildren.

    Take grandchildren out to activies. Or have the grandchildren stay over overnight.

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