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  • MagaCarter

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    January 8, 2022 at 1:05 am
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    I know some people would like the idea of only basic food being in the base game with updates coming late with other food . But everyone’s basic food is different. Like someone from North America’s breakfast might be a go-to meal, or might be a store-brought waffle, while a British person’s breakfast might be baked beans, toast, and I think eggs and maybe sausage for instance. And then in China, it depends on what part of China, like in Southern part of China, you will have rice, but in the Northern part you have noodles as the main part of the dish, And then in the middle east you have Fafel, Sharama, and don’t forget humus and chickpeas, then you have Mexican food, or South American food (and even then in Mexican/South American) you have different things depending on where you are.

    And then you also have to take into account lifestyle (not life style as vegetarian/Vegan) but someone’s who is a stay-at-home parent, and their kids would have a different breakfast then an entire family who is go, go, go first thing in the morning with both parents needing to get to work, and children needs to get to school?