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  • MagaCarter

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    November 30, 2021 at 11:39 pm
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    I got some more ideas last night after I posted what I did up above

    1. if para grandparents don’t live in the same house as the grandchildren -if the grandchildren’s family comes over to visit the grandparents (doing Winter holidays, and summer), if a grandparent is a big cooker- they might allow the para kid to put sugar on their cereal (I hope there’s a variety of junk cereal), as well as have kids have bacon and toast for breakfast

    2.Para with dogs could put ham or turkey slices in the middle of the table instead of at the corner of the table so dogs who are in the dinning area with them, don’t help themselves to the meat.

    3.there should be the option of “full turkey” at the table vs pieces of turkey” on a plate on the table.

    4.Maybe some para families could use trivets for hot food and other para families can be a bit lazy and use pot holders?

    5.Maybe Paras who get the newspaper that they can get A TV guide? And if there’s a show a para /para family likes to watch they can try to have supper early? (could also count, for something like bowling/or guiding or a meeting like PTA)

    6.Oh if a para’s making multiple dishes for like a turkey holiday, maybe they could get a hand from another family member like have the other family member get pickles and olives out? Or maybe if its one of the many leftover turkey days afterwards have the family member also get leftover cranberry sauce out?

    7. I hope for a variety of different pop containers?

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