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  • MagaCarter

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    November 29, 2021 at 10:17 pm
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    🍎 What kind of food would you like to see in-game? kimchi, fritters, pergoies, different pasta dishes, corn, hot dogs/burgers, dumplings, soups, stir fry, humus,sides. baked goods (Cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes), ramyeon

    πŸŽ‚ What would be the different ways to learn new recipes? learn it from a book, have it passed down to you, learn it from a friend’s/friend’s family,

    πŸ“ What kind of classification could there be for food and meals? don’t sure but maybe have something which describes if it’s Vegertian or not. Or if there’s the ability to play with a Para who is allgeric to item, it could say if the item has (allgern) in it? (the only tricky thing would be if you have two paras allgeric to different kind of tomato- like one can eat Pasta scause but can’t eat like tomato on a burger, well another can’t eat pasta scause but can eat a tomato on a burger)

    β˜• How could food and cooking impact the daily lives of Parafolks?- Para folks could have leftovers for supper later in the week if they make too much food, having “sides” with supper -ie corn muffins with chilli, or with made-at-home-pizza or taco dish, chips on the table, Paras could check the flyers for deals once there can be more then 1 grocery store in town? if a family has Rameyeon, and has an open chicken broth container in the fridge- and they out of normal chicken noodle soup, they could make a chicken soup with those two items for sick folks

    🍴 What kind of activities related to food and cooking would you like to do?- be abing to make mutplie dishes at the same time- like having pasta scause in a different pot then the pasta noodles, or you’re trying to cook mashed potato/turnips/gravey all at the same time?, eatting more if they’re in a group setting, a “bring a cultural food(s) items to school day”?

    πŸ“ What would be different ways to get new ingredients?-growing them, finding them in the wild, or buying them.