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  • 🌵 Would you like to customize seasons and weather? If so, how?

    being able to have a week of rain in the summer. I also would like to be able to maybe have a Southern Hempsire Christmas.

    What visual changes would you like to see through seasons?

    leaves changing/falling off tress for fall, snow for whatever the christmas-like event is, in winter, stuff blooming in the spring.

    How would seasons & different weather conditions affect your Para’s daily life?

    car-centric neighbours might not realize how important it is to shovel off their sidewalks. So if they don’t and the weather thaws &refreezes, it could lead to a walking para’s falling on the ice in front of the neighbour’s home. Snow Days for schools (please no virtual schooling!). It being too dangerous to go to school or work.

    indoor recess on rainy or very cold days (unless you’re a kid from out west).

    if a para has a long walk to go to in the rain or in the snow maybe depending on where they work or volunteer they can carry or leave an extra stash of clothes?

    Paras sometimes might have to “fix” sewers by poking it by a stick if its clogged up with fallen leaves?

    Blackouts due to snowstorm or the over-use of A/C in the summer here’s some thoughts about it:

    Blackout doc

    🪁 Which specific interactions or activities would be unlocked only on certain weather conditions? baseball, should be a spring/summer thing. But most of the others could be year-round since you can apparently take them inside. Of course you can’t do a snow fight, or make a snow-person, without snow on the ground. or jump into puddles unless there’s thawed but not frozen water on the ground (or right after it rains)

    🍧 Which seasonal items would you like to see? (I really have to try those pumpkin spice lattes)

    I know this is mainly about food. But I want to say after-bite bug stuff and arnica gel to be used year-round for bug bites (after-bite) or bruises (arnica). The food stuff I wouldn’t mind either. But cold stuff (ie: ice coffee) can still be gotten in the cold months and hot stuff (normally coffee) in the hot months.

    🧣 Any other suggestions regarding weather and seasons!


    instead of rain boots maybe some paras can wear rubber duckies (and no I’m not talking about the yellow bathtub toy). As well as rain coats/umbrellas


    I hope there’s a ton of candy for Halloween and other holidays and not just limited to one candy like in Sims 4

    and also for “child’s day” (a version of Easter) if there’s egg hunt, could the eggs either a)be chocolate eggs or b)plastic eggs with chocolate inside?

    For something like Christmas there could be an “holiday season” so there can be time for paras to go out and buy stuff that the para might like unlike in the Sims 4. I mean why would my artist para want a gift of perfume when she’s not a make-up artist?

    Posted October 3, 2021 at 9:20 pm