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  • amandac

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    May 8, 2021 at 11:35 am
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    I like random things happening in the game, even death. I don’t like silly deaths (laughter, embarrassment, etc.) but I’m open to meteors as long as it’s not too often. Sometimes I’ll roll with it and sometimes I’ll quit without saving, depending who it is and what my plans are for them.

    In TS3, I had a mother and teenage daughter household. I left them to play with another family and when I got back to them, the mother had a new baby girl. I could see the father in the family tree but couldn’t find him in the world. Apparently, he got her pregnant and left. She was tense, so I sent her to the bistro with her friends for a girls night out. A meteor hit and she died along with two of her friends. I was worried the social worker would come and take her daughters because the oldest was still in high school. She was just a week shy of turning into a young adult so I guess the game figured it was OK to have them live alone. Luckily her mother left her some money. She hired a nanny to take care of the baby while she finished high school. She then started a career and raised her sister by herself. It all worked out.