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  • bailey

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    April 30, 2021 at 7:07 pm
    Picture Perfect
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    I like your ideas for breeding and how good breeding can make an animal a better show pet. It’s pretty realistic for a conformation type show. I also liked that you included that we should have animal haters, since I think we should be able to dislike animals as well, and I often feel many video games ignore that side of society that not everyone likes pets. And also only disliking certain breeds is nice as well.

    The only part where I wasn’t a fan of the wording was this,

    “Maybe your para is snobby and only likes purebreds while turning their nose up at moggies”

    I don’t like the idea that a person needs to be a snob to prefer purebred animals. I feel like that’s a negative stereotype that someone can’t just like purebreds and dislike mutts/moggies without being a snob about it. And I’m sure you didn’t mean ONLY snobs would have that personality, it was just the wording.

    But overall I like your ideas 😃