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  • A new message on the Discord about the dev chat and parazine schedule for the upcoming days.

    “From now until Tuesday, Dec 8th we will continue to release one Parazine a day. On Thursday, Dec 10th we are going to release two Parazines for the dev chats of Oct 30th and Nov 6th. On Sunday, Dec 13th we will release the Parazine for the dev chat that took place on Nov 13th.
    After Dec 13th, the Parazine will be released once a week on Sundays. This means that #announcements will now always have two weekly postings, the dev chat plus its corresponding Parazine. #announcements is also used for any important community-related news, such as challenges or even just updates about the changes made around the discord!”

    This will make it so much easier to update this thread since we’ll be up to date on the Parazines for the time the corresponding dev chats are released. ?

    Here’s Parazine 16, Sept 18 dev chat. Oh, they also said they’re only releasing the PDF version now.

    Parazine 17, Sept 25th dev chat.–Mncf/view

    Parazine 18, Oct 2 dev chat

    Posted December 4, 2020 at 5:36 pm