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Paralives Hub Forums Parafolk Supernatural Beings & Other Creatures Reply To: Supernatural Beings & Other Creatures

  • I love playing with occults, I think they add a good break from reality and sometimes you need that. However, for reality reasons, I know that most people also don’t like to play with them and that’s why I think they are the perfect candidates for DLCs.

    I don’t want each of them to have separate DLCs because I think when they come on their own you lose the chance to integrate the different ocult states with each other. It loses the chance to make drama. Having a feud between werewolfs and vampires is important and witches need potions to cure or curse paras with different occult states.

    The way I want them to be added is with a lore or a story behind each creature and how they react to eachother. They should have unique actions like between a mermaid and a vampire, say mermaids’ blood is toxic to them and fairy blood makes them behave like a drunk person.

    How they react to pets also should be unique to some occult states. Since pets will be included in base game, different occult states can have even more in depth connection to different kind of animals.

    Posted December 2, 2020 at 10:30 am