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  • This is super minor and may not even be anything we need to worry about, but seeing this thread revived, I thought I might post about it. I thought of something recently while thinking back to the time when I used to play “that game that shall not be named”. Specifically the pets pack. I went back and did research and it seems across all of that game’s iterations, there were no personality traits to be able to have negative feelings towards pets, or animals in general. In all of the packs you could be a “dog/cat/horse lover”, but not a person who isn’t fond of those animals.

    I remembered my own experiences playing, and I truly can’t think of a time any of my characters across any age groups acted fearful of dogs or had a dislike of cats. And thinking even further, I couldn’t think of any life sim where you could have this type of personality. Though I will admit I haven’t played all too many life sims, so there could be some out there I just am not aware of. Still, I hope Paralives will be able to deliver in that experience. I am glad that the team wants to be able to represent a lot of people through culture, sexuality, disabilities, and so on. But even more than that, I hope they can represent a wide range of personalities.

    And this is one of the big reasons I hope they can introduce personality sliders, which would be another fresh idea. That would make it easier for us to give our Parafolk negative feelings toward things.

    Posted November 11, 2020 at 3:12 pm