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The Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation Ideas for fears? Reply To: Ideas for fears?

  • bailey

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    October 29, 2020 at 5:42 pm
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    I can totally understand that point of view as well. ? I guess my mindset with the idea of being born with fears is that I would like the game to acknowledge that many people have fears that didn’t result from specific events/experiences in their lives. Example: Many people have a fear of dogs simply based on hearing of horrific dog attacks, but they have never been attacked. However another person may hear of those attacks but not develop a dog fear. Hence I’d say it’s more to do with the person them self. And I guess I wouldn’t like to see fears “locked” because a Para hadn’t experienced something. But I can get that it may be valid in certain circumstances.

    And I agree with your point that there certainly should be some fears that are off limits for certain age groups who wouldn’t have that experience.