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Paralives Hub Forums General Ideas Town Map vs. World Map Reply To: Town Map vs. World Map

  • I keep thinking about this idea.

    Honestly even if it was a flat map (and not a globe) it would be really cool if there was a design-a-map mode where we could draw out a map/land mass (or import our own map) and then add our own map details like roads, water masses and basically anything else you’d expect to see on a map. (modders could get really creative and make ol-timey looking maps for medieval worlds)

    Take the flat maps from The Sims 4 but open them up for the player to customize….and also make it more like a world map rather than just individual neighborhoods.

    I think this would be such an amazing tool for worldbuilding and roleplay.

    Posted October 29, 2020 at 1:49 pm