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  • Dizzardy

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    October 29, 2020 at 1:37 pm
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    I’m not against paras being born with fears exactly…..but I do think it should largely be based on what happens to them during their life. I think fears would have more impact that way as well. I think it should be weighted more heavily towards life experience. (like 80-90% life experience vs 10-20% hereditary)

    Like it’s the difference between a para being afraid of fire just because and a para being afraid of fire because of a previous fire related incident.

    I mean, I don’t think a baby is born really having a fear of anything. They’re largely acting based on instinct aren’t they? I think it’s one thing to be born with a fear of fire…..but it would be weird if a baby was born with a fear of say….being fired from work.

    So I voted for “must be triggered by gameplay” though my real answer is more like a mix of the two…just with more emphasis on gameplay.

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