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Paralives Hub Forums Build Tools What objects do you want in build mode? Reply To: What objects do you want in build mode?

  • i want that freaking lamp with the yarn balls in the mason jar base that the sims didnt give me! rocking chairs, wooded themed dining table sets like made of logs, anything log cabin but expensive log cabin estate like it has a jet tub and a huge 70″ curved flat screen. squirrel detail in the wood table, tablecloths appropriate for each season, candles, cat, animal i.e. squirrel themed quilts and comforter sets. i want to be able to choose the color of my sheets and choose a separate comforter! im REALLY into quilts. warm and low lighting options, acorn lights and a squirrel nightlight! rustic and cute pink rug options, i just really love cats. lol

    electric kettle or classic tea kettle options that you need a whistling pot for the stove, but one of the classic pots is black cast iron and sat ontp of a round log slice. slippers of many different varieties. i want to be able to wear the lingerie i want under my own darn clothes! like a basic black thong, or frilly! but a few different varieties, different bra shapes like balconette or sport, more fake looking high profile boobs or smaller boobs i want to be able to adjust the fullness and size. stockings, socks, all up to thigh high or full stocking length, casual short and knee dresses, multiple sleep shorts and pants, sweatpants, and specifically a black, and blue pair of camo workout leggings. a whole line of workout items like sports bras, performance layer jackets with thumb holes and zip up in prints like camo as well as static colors like on the color wheel.

    pink running shoes, NAILS of all shapes and sizes, i love stilleto and classic french style, as well as nude colored nails, dif. lengths. wedding rings simplistic little single diamond, as well as a basic wedding band, or the big teardrop engagement ring. soda cans in the fridge to drink as well as the option to make a frappe with a blender. cookie jars, baked goods of many varieties like muffins, cakes, and different pastries. gift baskets to give to friends, wine to give as a wedding gift or congratulations to something like a birthday. i need long waist length hairs, i only feel pretty in super long hair so something right above the bottom would be great.

    clutter. salt and pepper shakers like cats, cows, squirrels, and basic matching fine china options. china sets like you get at walmart in the box? blue and white fine china, pink, purple, lime green accents, rainbow accents ect. wooden salad bowl for mixing with those salad tongs. a blender for fruit smoothies or coffee frappe’s. jeans that are made for a woman! honey jar optional after making tea or just a small one that sits on the counter. shelving, comfy recliner, basic fabric couches and loveseats, oh and lastly, i need the cat to have a little bell on its collar. lol so sorry but honestly the sims lacks so much, i would love to be able to choose all the details.

    Posted October 29, 2020 at 3:58 am