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  • Parafolk Lore

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    October 22, 2020 at 10:22 pm
    Picture Perfect
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    This may be the simplest thing, but as a creator that likes tweaking how things look ALL the time, I’d love the ability to toggle between Build, Live Mode, and Create-a-para anywhere, without extra mods, without needing to cheat code something in, I’d like TOTAL freedom in customizing the ENTIRE world however I want to. Within the games limits of course. Even if I have a bit of a load screen in between each mode, that would be fine.

    I’m just plainly talking about the ability to edit a para I click on, or edit a house or lot I click on, or edit the neighbourhood name, or the world name. I basically want the ability to edit or change whatever I’m clicking on. There’s an entire cheat and work around to be able to fully edit your sim in Sims 4 and I find it really annoying. If it was just the shift-click that would have even been better but to actually modify anything else about that sim you have to “cas.fulleditmode” cheat. It’s cool that it’s there, I just wish there wasn’t so many dang steps just to do something simple like change the behaviour, voice, name, whatever I want really, about that sim.

    It would be absolutely amazing to be able to fully customize anything there could be to do so, without there being a ton of steps to do it.