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The Paralives Hub Forums Open World What kind of community lots do you want? Reply To: What kind of community lots do you want?

  • skyler

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    October 6, 2020 at 12:21 am
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    Everyone’s ideas are amazing! Here is just a few I could think of:

    Hardware Store – Where you can buy parts to repair or upgrade items in your home, even paint for painting your walls, mowers for your lawn, gardening supplies & plants etc.)

    Flea Market – Where you can sell and purchase unique homemade items (paintings, sculptures, customized furniture, clothing, accessories, inventions etc.)

    Farmer’s Market – A place to buy and sell home grown fruits, vegetables, honey from beekeeping skill, jams and vegetable preserves, wine from a “nectar making” skill, homemade artisan bread, raw milk, butter & cheese from milking cows or goats.

    Animal Shelter & Pet Shoppe – A place to adopt a pet, a vet for when they are sick and a place to purchase toys and animal feed.

    Shopping Mall – A place with stores for clothing & accessories, an electronics store for buying televisions, speakers & instruments for hobbies, an entertainment store for books, music & movies to watch, a multicultural food court with restaurants and more!

    Academy – A K-12 school for children & teens that could perhaps be a rabbithole, but maybe have an indoor basketball court and an outdoor football/soccer field that you can visit for your children’s sporting & cheerleading events.

    Delicatessen – A place to buy meats for cooking & where you can sell your farm animals if you have too many.

    I have far too many ideas but thank you for listening!