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  • Parafolk Lore

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    October 4, 2020 at 2:51 am
    Picture Perfect
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    It would be super awesome if in base game or a later patch/dlc that para’s can purchase the local stores, or maybe an empty store space and build a store to sell their crafts. It would be cool if a mechanic para could actually work up his/her skill and open their own garage, and then update and move their garage. Or have a very business savvy para work their way up the corporate ladder, maybe law firms would be neat, or banks. Maybe a local para chef finally has the courage to open up her very own pastry shop? Let’s say a school tutor or maybe a vocal coach wants a small office collaboration space to work with their clients? Maybe they’re a photographer or online marketing consultant and they need the collaboration space, or a small work area as well.

    Any sort of Shops, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Maybe a food truck or two in the city, a spa, salon, photography studio, bars, karaoke bars, arcades, malls, strip malls, multishop lots, would all be super awesome, too! (: