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Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation Skills for Parafolk Reply To: Skills for Parafolk

  • My main thing about more complicated skills, or with skill trees, is that I liked how easy/simple it is to look at all of your skills in ts3. I could click to see more detail about their accomplishments within that skill, but I can also tell at a glance what a sim is good at. (There’s also no wondering how many skill points you can get since it shows the number of points out of 10, and because every skill went up to 10, unlike ts4 where some only have 5 points for some reason.)

    I like the idea of more specific skills, like for different instruments or things like baking, sewing, pottery, and ballet, where they may have been present in the sims games before, but weren’t the same as other skills (i.e. talent badges in ts2, hidden skills, etc.)

    And some of the additional skill ideas that have been presented here sound great, but some get a bit too detailed for me? Like I’ve never felt a need for a running skill? I feel like the athletic skill kind of covers that. I’d also rather have children get the same skills as teens/adults since in ts4 it feels like a waste to get 7 points in creativity, only for it to not mean anything once they’re a teen.

    More detail in-game is great, believe me, I’m a very detail-oriented person, but that also means that I can get bogged down when there’s too much to look at or to play through just for my character to be able to paint, take a decent photo, or be good at chemistry.

    Posted September 8, 2020 at 11:56 pm