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Paralives Hub Forums Parafolk Negative aspects of Paras Reply To: Negative aspects of Paras

  • These are really interesting, given how many people suffer from those mental disabilities.

    I saw a lot of disorder traits mods for the Sims 4 coming up in the recent months.

    What I ask myself is how easy it will be to program and implement those emotional layers for each of these traits you described. I am not a programmer myself, but I think it has to fit the personality system of Paralives without getting too complicated to implement.

    I myself know, that I won*t use disorder traits that much in my plays, because I prefer a more lighthearted and simpler approach to my Life Sim Simulations in general. That doesn*t mean I disregard or don*t want them – I think it is really important to speak about mental disabilities and they are part of life & everyone who prefers to play with those should do that because it is a very personal thing.

    It is just not something I would personally use that often or just when I want to tell a specific little story with a specific Para & their family or something like that.

    I would be totally ok with personality traits like my Para becoming negative more easily like being more impatient, vain, restless, paranoid, frightened, brash, overly flirty or easily bored, shy around others or a total slob.

    Posted September 4, 2020 at 8:48 am