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  • I would absolutely love the idea of private schools and a system that allows us to actually have the choice to influence our para’s educational success.

    I like the idea for the different schools, and the only school I would add would be a “Trade” School, so paras Can focus on my n building traits based off of their personality traits/life experiences that consequently affected their decisions down the road.

    On another note, rabbit bite private schools should definitely be the option vs. being able to control them at school. If anything, private schools has been a great way for managing a household in the sense that your kids “aren’t there.” It would be amazing to have the option of enrolling your Paras into a school which they leave on Summer and Holiday breaks, but spend majority of their time away at school, building skills and preparing for graduation.

    I’m really hoping for a system that not only allows us to be a direct influence, but also work as a “helper” to further our Paras success.

    A way I thought of balancing this out so we’re just not sending our kids away to have more free time (or so one may romance the handsome gardener) is holding the parents/grandparents/legal guardian accountable for the schooling fees:

    1. Child’s academic studies should dependent on:


    -Application Success

    -Parent’s Money

    •Each “month” Paras pay for room and board and tuition fees.

    •If fees are not met, maybe have the private schools offer a 1 week extension IF the Para is academically in good standing. However, the extension doesn’t need to always have a success rate. This will give players like me who are storytellers the tools needed to start a story line without having to rely solely on our imagination.

    2. In the event of the chance death of both Para’s parents, there should be a point where we are able to choose whom the guardianship transfers to.

    3. In the event Para finds themselves in academic probation, consequences should be enforced to make sure the schooling experience isn’t a walk in the park.

    4. Parenting homeschooling should require Paras to invest into the “Parenting Skill” in order to have the intellectual depth to teach kids. If the Para works on this skill and has mastered any other skill branches, the Para should have the opportunity to bestow “some” skill as a bonus to being able to “mentor” and a satisfaction perk of being able to pass down learned skills. Furthermore, there should be a criteria that Paras must meet if Homeschooled. What I mean is both Paras (child and parent) are held accountable for the Para’s success. E.g, have a certain amount of hours that need to be completed throughout the week. For example, Para must meet 32 Para hours “active” in “school” and that can be accomplished by doing HW, being taught by a parents, taking notes, or independent study through books or online work.

    5. I know this is asking for a lot, but if they decide to have an open-world School, then the teacher career should be able to teach. I don’t mind if it a rabbit hole though.

    I also know this is a lot to ask for, so I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to see SOME of this in Paralives.


    Posted September 3, 2020 at 4:10 pm