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  • For the initial release, grocery stores are the big one I hope for. This could be to buy all types of food and also plates and utensils.

    A second would be a home/furniture store where you can buy basically all of your necessities for a new home; sofas, beds, electronic appliances, etc.

    Third, a clothing store to buy new clothes after making your initial Para(folk).

    And last, a pet store to buy any pet supply equipment and as an option to buy pets for a medium price.

    Some other stores I’d like, but would be fine if they weren’t in the initial release…

    Toy store to purchase different types of toys, comic books, video games, and other things for children.

    I like the art store idea you mentioned. It would be cool to buy any kind of art equipment here.

    Sporting store to buy any kinds of sports equipment for whatever sports/outdoor activities the game offers.

    Posted August 19, 2020 at 5:02 am