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  • bailey

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    August 10, 2020 at 5:22 pm
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    I think if two (or more) Parafolk have an a conflict it would make sense for them to get angry simply by being around each other. Like if one is out for a walk and they pass by the other’s house or sees them at the park they’ll could become irritated. A braver/more confrontation Para might actually approach them, while a less confrontational Para may just be angry from afrar. If they work together, maybe they’d get upset having to go to work, maybe even want to quit their job if the relationship has become very bad.

    I think spreading rumors or talking behind someones back would be an extreme interaction, only possible once the Paras are furious with each other and have a very negative relationship (almost un-repairable). I’d like it the Paras arguments and meanness would escalate over time if nothing was done to fix it, but they’d mellow out if they were able to work to reconcile.