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Paralives Hub Forums Parafolk Brainstorming for clothes and fashion Reply To: Brainstorming for clothes and fashion

  • I had suggested an idea for outfits in Sims. My idea would be to have a general bodice (blousey, tight, loose, tube, etc..) that you could attach your choice of sleeve, collar to. This way they could create their own shirt styles by pasting these pieces together. I think it would bring variety to this that sims didn’t have. The same thing for pants- tight around the butt or loose, full-length pant, capris, short-shorts, or plain shorts. And the same with shoes- you could create your own clothing lines. For the colors I liked the swatches in Sims 3-or could create your own patterns. At least the tops could be put together types, right?

    The same for guys’ clothing, because they need to be their own styles too.

    It seems like these would be easy to me. I’m not sure if they would work with the animation part, so this is just an idea for now. You KNOW people are going to want to go medieval styles, goth, 50’s, 70’s, alien, futuristic, etc…with these so why not make them so people can REALLY create some cool clothing. All ages, because kids want to be different too-and teens are always coming up with new styles. And where would we be without our baby/toddler clothing that parent paras would love to show off their new little ones outfits-right? lol

    Posted August 9, 2020 at 8:24 pm