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  • I agree I’d definitely want some needs to be based on age that’s what I had in mind as well for emotional needs bc a teens needs would be different from adult and adult from elder. I just don’t know what they would be, if you get more ideas for them list them I’d love to see what everyone thinks on that! 🙂 Yes it’d be not a major need but how aspiration would work but a fresh take on it so based on their life choices and circumstances they go through like physical overall health I’d like to see that too but it wouldn’t be a major need requirement.

    the social needs from sims is what I was basing it off and how it wouldn’t be decayed so quickly like it was in my experience. I don’t want them to die of loneliness if it gets really low. But it’d work more complex in keeping it stagnant so ex. 3 day no contact with other paras wouldn’t really decrease it. I need to go back and edit the post I was in a hurry wanting to get it up lol.

    I think social and fun should go together and not be separated like in sims.

    Posted August 8, 2020 at 7:26 pm