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  • Breedmond

    Moderator August 4, 2020 at 11:04 am
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    I agree with you, it should be more challenging to find a job. I think there should be job interviews too. Which will mean that there will be a chance that Parafolk do not get a job and they will have to keep looking and trying. Whether or not they land the job could depend on skillset, education and mood, but also personality and relationship with the interviewer. They would have to wait to receive a definite yes or no, may have to do more than one interview etc.

    And what about competition? Multiple Paras can be competing for the same job. Just to make the job hunt more challenging and realistic. The trick would be to make all this possible without it getting to tedious or boring. Maybe there should be an option for “elaborate careers” or just “click you have the job careers”. So you decide when and for which Para you want this.