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  • bailey

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    July 27, 2020 at 10:26 pm
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    I was thinking today that I think it would be cool if there were different “milestones” for pregnancies. Now obviously we don’t know how long pregnancy will last (personally, I hope it can be customized), but I think it would be interesting if more changes occurred as the pregnancy progressed.

    For simplicity, I think pregnancy could functioned on a 3 stage system to correlate to the trimesters. The system would have to change based on how long the player sets pregnancies meaning players can decide it they want things to last longer or shorter.

    Stage 1- 1st trimester. <font face=”inherit”>Para finds out she’s pregnant. Small physical changes, like the early baby bump. Many emotional responses to the </font>pregnancy<font face=”inherit”> based on the Para’s personality</font><font face=”inherit”>. And the very end of the trimester, the Para can get an </font>ultrasound<font face=”inherit”> to find out the gender and will be able to do a gender reveal. Maybe she could start thinking about baby names.</font>

    Stage 2-2nd trimester. The ‘crazy’ stage. A noticeable baby bump starts to grow. The mother can experience cravings, sore feet, morning sickness, fatigue, wacky emotions, and other bodily changes. Here is where the mother Para will want to start preparing for the baby; buying clothes and wanting to decorate a nursery.

    Stage 3-3rd trimester-Things calm down a bit. The Symptoms continue, but slow down so the player can have the Para prepare for childbirth. The very last day of the pregnancy will be the due date, and the Para could get more anxious or excited leading up to the big day depending on their personality.

    Of course this is just an idea I had in my head. It could be totally different, but I do still think the idea of milestones would be nice. But what does everyone think? Would anyone else like to see pregnancy milestones, or should every ‘stage’ of the pregnancy be the same?