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  • He is cute and I love that he has a back story! Until I read what it was, I thought the freckles was a really bad case of adult acne, lol. I actually like the graphics even though some people may think it’s not “up to 2020 standards”. I hope we can truly pose our paras like the child in the picture – holding hands with both his parents while walking. An animation of this would be even better. I can’t wait to see the child and other life stages but what I’m most looking forward to is seeing how the paras interact with each other and the environment.

    Edit: I looked at the TS2 graphics with cc and now I’m not so happy with Sebastian. I like him better than Maggie, but I think they can improve them a little more. I don’t expect TS4 graphics, but at least TS2. Sorry about the comparison between the sims and paralives but that’s the only other game I have for comparison since I don’t play other games (for long anyway).

    Posted July 24, 2020 at 1:39 pm