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  • Dizzardy

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    July 21, 2020 at 3:25 pm
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    People collect things in real life, so arguably collectibles do have a place in a life sim game.

    I think I’d like to see them treated more like actual objects that a parafolk can have the hobby of collecting though. Like stuffed toys or teapots. That way your parafolk can decide to be a collector of whatever items they want that are part of the game. (maybe your parafolk is an avid hot tub collector)

    Personally collectibles in a “gamey” type fashion don’t interest me as much. I think it would be more fun if it was integrated in a more “real life collecting” type of way.

    I’m thinking the hobby would let you select what types of object your parafolk wants to collect. I think it could be another interesting quirk that parafolk could have if some of them have different things they like to collect.