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Paralives Hub Forums General Ideas Sexuality UI Concept (by PlantBeef#0229 on Discord) Reply To: Sexuality UI Concept (by PlantBeef#0229 on Discord)

  • Would this concept allow for Asexuality as well? I assume in that case you’d bring the sexual interest down to the bottom of the graph?

    Also I guess the “custom” means you can create your own presets?

    To be honest I’m still kind of on the fence with whether I would want sexuality to be something you choose in the paramaker or just have everyone be bisexual by default like in The Sims. I feel like the way the sims does it has the benefit of being less restrictive albeit at the cost of realism. While on the other hand having to choose sexuality in the paramaker could make the simulation more interesting. (and realistic) I can see benefits to both options. I can see why people would prefer one over the other.

    Although with the modding options being a thing I think it would be feasible to have both styles as an option in the settings. (and maybe have a combination of the two)

    So basically:

    1. Sexuality is chosen in the paramaker and doesn’t change. (at least not in gameplay, maybe it would be possible to change it by going into paramaker again)

    2. Sexuality works like the Sims and everyone is bisexual by default and changes based on player choice.

    3. A combination of the two where you choose their sexuality in the paramaker but it can change over time based on player choice and maybe some gradual randomness thrown in.

    I’m not sure if they’re all “realistic”, particularly the second one but I think it’s a case of needing to balance fun and ease of use with “realism”.

    Posted July 12, 2020 at 1:25 pm