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The Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation Advanced AI: What are your hopes? Reply To: Advanced AI: What are your hopes?

  • cakeefeatured

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    July 11, 2020 at 9:48 pm
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    @bailey I’d like for paras also to learn from routine by us players doing the same thing around the same time everyday, but I think it could only work is if time was a little bit slower than what the devs were stating. So I hope for a customizable time that can be slowed to be able to create a routine in game around specific times.

    @i Lol this might seem to humanistic for a video game but. I’d like for paras to have a memory system such as remembering dating history, friends dating history, also feeling affects of consequences from their choices and deciding on whether that would influence their decision towards future choices. Someone I was talking to on discord a couple days ago was talking about bonding over likes and hoping paras are able to notice when things like new music in a genre they like is now at a store downtown, someone else who likes that genre could bond over the new music. As for memories to this, paras being able to connect hobbies and likes to their past moments, like a genre of a song played at a wedding or a song from a genre two lovers played a lot and danced to. So if they hear that certain genre of songs they’d get a nostalgic response. Whether it be positive or negative depending on the situation of their future–if that makes sense?

    Paras with fake sensory. They have “smell” if restaurants are close by or if food is cooking in their own homes. I hope for some kind of coding that gives paras ability to smell food cooking at these places when they’re near them or inside a location, so each time a para is cooking theyd get a food craving for that particular restaurant or just food in general.

    @breedmond Agreed small things like this too. I’d like for paras to be able to know and be aware of locations around them, I’d want them to internally know the worlds map or can depending on where they travel. Just like how other games allow you to discover new locations/areas and are added to the games map until it’s filled, that what I hope for here.

    Also paras wanting/telling others they want to go to a certain lot in town specifically. Rather than be vague like ‘Rachel wants to go to a nightclub’ instead it would say ‘Rachel wants to go to a night club called Club Rx’. Or another example here ‘Samson wants to dine out’ to ‘Samson wants to go to Ricco’s Italian Bistro’. All of these locations would be real lots already in the open world. I’m not sure how it could work. I feel having tag words keyed in like how SEO for business search engines could work, not sure. But I’d like for them to have favorite stores too and remember them based on something that of a preference they have that’s connected to that store tag word/theme/preference. Like an arts and crafts store being for artsy paras or those who love knitting, a boutique that sells cheap clothing (because I’m not sure if style preferences will be a thing) so frugal paras, or even a gym because a para has a crush on one of the employees , etc.

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