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  • Francisco

    July 6, 2020 at 5:38 pm
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    Okay, the idea that the smart trait makes you learn faster but stress more is just for balance reasons, you learn faster but you can’t spend the same time in this activity, otherwise it might break the game a bit. and it was the most “adequate” and “natural” balance that occurred to me.

    Having traits as a painter or other hobbies, means that you have a trait that helps you perform especially well in this activity, such as generating more masterpieces, having more fun or relaxing doing this hobby, etc. It provides that innate talent that allows you to master and interact differently with the activity.

    And the lifestyle I think could also be considered as a trait since adding it can affect things like longevity, get sick less or even make the autonomy of the parafolk consistent by avoiding fishing, eating meat, etc.

    and about smiley and laugh out loud was my mistake, I wanted to write: smiley / laugh out loud, when trying to translate I made a mistake.