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  • just to point out there should be some panhandling that should be legal.

    I know of one way a manager could steal sort of ‘on the job’ if they have a key to the store is to come back after the store is closed and take stuff and either sell it to someone else, or does who know what with it. A way a manager could maybe- steal from a resturant is lets say the restaurant is closed once week, but the bad manager could be pretending to be the owner to their friends and open it up and pass it off on the co-workers/underlings as “charity brunch”

    big cheeses could embezzled money

    CEOs could do tax evasion

    Fraud (like the above embezzled money, or wage theft, or the call-a-senior-and-pretend-to-be-their-grandchild scheme or pretending to be the tax company)

    Posted July 1, 2020 at 3:29 am