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  • Amazing_Star

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    June 29, 2020 at 9:34 pm
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    I had these ideas yesterday, but I wanted to write them today, so I wouldnt have one long post

    Superheroes and villains

    This is something I’ve been wishing for very long time. I understand how hard is it to make game, so we would be only able to create heroes on Batman’s level – so basically still human vigilantes with super gadgets and similiar villains.


    I have actually another idea. Of course I agree with witches, vampires and others, but this idea came from the Superheroes and villains. Since heroes with powers would be hard to make (reason why there is still no game about Flash or new Superman game), I think that there are some powers that could work but of course without superheroe stuff like fighting. So for example mind reading or telekinesis could work.

    Modern day royalty

    I just believe that this one could be really interesting. But other than typical british royalty, there could be also sultanism or emirate.


    What can I say about this one? There could be village or secret base of pirates, then ship and of course other islands, maybe it would be nice to actually do modern day pirates.


    I came with this idea a few months ago regarding The Sims and to be honest, it is something that could be potentially. I still didn’t think about gameplay stuff and all, but it would be interesting to try this idea.

    Homeless life

    This idea is really favourite and I personally think it should be Dlc. Gameplay with homeless people could go really deep, so it would deserve own dlc. Maybe there could be also feature to make teens run away from home.