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  • ParaEarth: I think it would be cool if Paralives had a dlc that would be it’s own globe/earth, and each time there would be a dlc coming in the form of a world we can play, it’d get filled in as a particular continents shown on the world map we can click on to play in if that makes sense.It’d be like populating a whole new earth of Paraworld/Paralives. Where we can allow our paras to move from one world to the next, be able to fly our paras out to any of the list of worlds without having to have vacation days set up,dual citizenship in other world would allow you certain privileges, create and run businesses in 3 worlds at a time, vacation homes, boarding schools for younger paras, etc. Any other suggestions welcome to add on to this one.

    More ideas:

    Family life- having new community lots, interactions to creating a stronger family unit, more clothing and toys for younger paras, daycare,flying kites, teach kids to ride bikes etc. It’d be more centered on the younger youth and their childhood creating family bonds and friends and memories with them .

    Circus and entertainment- like the Lennon bro’s circus or the tingling bro’s circus, it could have the option for it to appear randomly or be a main attraction everyday. There would be comedy clubs and other fun entertainment for all ages. Haven’t thought too much of it but think it’d be interesting.

    Romantic Evenings- would be for couples and spouses dates and romantic interactions, renew wedding vows, have anniversary celebrations for married couples, hot air balloon, have picnics, candy/or chocolate stores, valentines holiday, lingerie stores (like a Victoria secret )can be a new lot with more under garment styles, romantic things for couples and spouses to keep their marriages and relationships fresh, fun, and interesting.

    Home Improvement- hire architects to build your para a home on a empty lot by either picking out premade homes (idk if custom homes could work so premade would be better) unless you could somehow save a room like sims 4, I think some players could even create house plan designs and send them in to be featured in the dlc would be nice. once the house is finished you can move in. Be able to become a house flipper buying old abandoned homes and community lots, ability to buy second &thIrd homes you can rent out. Have home improvement stores like a Home Depot équivalent (for those who are in USA know what I’m talking about) which can allow us to buy from there on out new paint, flooring,window, basically any build items that will get featured in dlcs. Players would have to go to the home improvement store to buy them in order for them to be added to our build buy mode library, but there can be filters letting you know what’s new.

    Posted June 29, 2020 at 7:35 pm