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  • Amazing_Star

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    June 28, 2020 at 11:53 pm
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    Time travel

    I also consider Into the future as one of the best DLCs that The Sims franchise ever had. I would like to see future, that could be changed. And it would be nice to have past as cakeefeatured mentioned. If I could choose, I would pick either the era of colonization or stone age, silver age and bronze age. And of course, I would like to see option to actually live in these periods, like The Sims Medieval.

    Adventures and exploration

    This idea is big, so it would have to be divided into smaller packs. So first, exploration of nature. You would be able to find new species of animals and plants, minerals and so. Science career would get lot of new branches, like hydrologist, mycologist or climatologist. You would be able to find out new knowledge. It would be lot of work though.

    Next we have adventures around world, like secret tombs, temples and places like jungles.

    Ocean exploration – diving into seas and oceans, finding new species and sunken ships and treasures, submarines

    Space exploration – new planets, space stations and ships, aliens


    I kinda expect more animals to be added later, but I think it will be only smaller pets and forest animals. Animals like elephants, lions, pandas and others would be harder to implement in general gameplay. This one could come out with Zoos and parks / reservations. You could study animals and take care of them

    Reality shows

    This one would be trickey, but I think there are some interesting reality shows that could work in life simulation game. Some reality shows would need well thought system, it couldnt be too much easy or impossible, you could lose anytime and so. Maybe even some could use quick actions like in games from TTG.


    And last for now, one of my favourite in The Sims franchise, castaway. There is probably nothing to be explained about this one, maybe I would only say that it would be part of game, so you could end up on island and then get back to your home

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