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  • cakeefeatured

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    June 28, 2020 at 8:53 pm
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    I like your ideas and would like to see those as well. There’s been some interesting discussion going about different edges to bring to supernatural dlc content ideas that I’d love to see and hope gets in a dlc. Farming is one I’m secretly excited about having hopefully as a dlc <3 But as another mentioned i feel some of these should be already be included with the base game like the island beach stuff since we know there will be beaches because there’s boat houses on the sea, some small pets should be included i feel since we’re getting cats and dogs but more could come later with a free update for those that are more complex, and the generational content i really hope is in the base game already. I like the idea of having themed dlcs and would like to see some we’ve never seen done before including with sims.

    dlcs ideas:

    1900s decades and ancient history: indian dynasty, egypt which i know has been done before, rome, elizabethan/gregorian, medieval. the decades could have build buy objects ,cars,new lots etc.

    Around the world: include more different cultures of differnt continents/countries that are under-represented, and there could be new worlds based on these locations with their own local culture activites, food, instruments, folklore/legends etc.

    Renaissance: new careers, skills, activities,fine art,ballet,classic literature books,opera, theatre plays,ballet, symphonies

    Outdoor adventure: with new hobbies and sports like snowboarding,surfing, canoeing,backpacking, skiing, ski lodges etc.

    Economic and civics: it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but this could add in events that can affect paras locally or the whole open world and their economy, politics, voting for causes, and creating clubs/organization,animal shelters where we can have paras adopt animals, homeless shelters for paras, paras being able to make investments,etc.

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