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The Paralives Hub Forums Open World The Open World: What are your hopes? Reply To: The Open World: What are your hopes?

  • Amazing_Star

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    June 27, 2020 at 7:26 pm
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    First of all, I would like to see rich lore and history of our town / city / world. Then there could be some events regarding history – celebrations of founding, local hero, notable citizen of city (like biologist or astrologer) or recreation of civil war. I would like to see mysteries and secrets behind town, which you could try to solve.

    Environmental changes – while this is confirmed to not be in game at the launch, I would definitely like to see it in future.

    Nature and explorable places – I would like to see nature that is more interactive. I really liked about The Sims 3 that you could go with your sims to lake and spend day there. Large forest, lakes, rivers, maybe caves in future. It would be nice to put tent anywhere in forest and stay there or even get lost. There could be also abandoned buildings you could explore.

    Town changing – Kinda impossible, but I hope that one day I will see this in life simulator game. Neighbors could reconstruct their house, shops could change, buildings could get abondoned or buildings could be domelized.