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The Paralives Hub Forums Open World The Open World: What are your hopes? Reply To: The Open World: What are your hopes?

  • crabwhatalad

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    June 27, 2020 at 4:59 pm
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    My main want for the open world is for it to be lively and feel connected! I really want to got to bars and see many different people, and maybe times where it’s busier than others (for example quiet on a Monday and super busy on Saturday).

    I’d love to see a lot of premade households too, with diverse families and individuals with interesting lore. It’s what makes a game that much more enjoyable!

    I’d also like to see the world connected with all aspects of it, for example being able to walk a child to school, or see the fire service driving to your house to help. It would make the world so much more realistic and I love that!

    At some point I would like to see attractions like zoos. I think that would be adorable! I really don’t expect it for base game or even ever but it could be a really nice expansion for example “days out”: which you get zoos, funfairs, museums, galleries and more! I think that could add a lot.

    I’m really excited to see what Paralives has to offer in its open world, and I’m even more excited about the create a world tool after launch!