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Paralives Hub Forums Open World The Open World: What are your hopes? Reply To: The Open World: What are your hopes?

  • I really want paras to be diverse and full of personality; some sociable some are not i know i might be a cynic with this but it’d be really funny if i have a para who’s waving at their neighbor who’s sitting in a coffee shop and that neighbor looks over at my para then resumes back talking to the person they’re with, no hi or anything. So i would like some paras to be and have cynicism/attitudes and friendly traits.

    Definitely para life progression and ambience going when i go outside paras are just living their lives catching up with another, picking up others, mowing the lawn etc. and my para to observe and take it all in, just making the town feel alive. That’s one of my major wishlist items for the open world.

    Smooth transitions of lots from cities/town into residential areas even leading out into the wilderness/country side and vice versa so lots dont feel out of place. If community lots are to be side by side i’d just like for them to blend in, like how everyone is wanting apartment/loft on the second floor and business on the first. Also lots of lot variations as you mentioned to socialize and just be somewhere.

    I’d like to be able to pick a neighborhood to live in within the open world and each one has it’s own charm and quirks, including knowing if homes are for sale or rental. Housing priced based on neighborhood and different type of career salaries paras have who live there. I’d like to have bike lanes for bikers so they’re not on the main roads or at least be able to travel on sidewalks. Rural dirt roads you can walk or drive on, and parks and forests that blend in for paras to take a walk through.

    Seeing different architecture styled homes based on the area/city you go to and old abandoned homes overgrown with weeds. With that being said i dont want every para to be welcoming when new neighbors move in and have every neighbor come to my paras home to greet them. Because it just doesnt happen in real life. But i think it makes way for more opportunities in getting to know other paras, in different ways and form relationships in the game later. To add on to that I’d like to see world events that can affect paras lives or not and bring paras together in various unique ways, the economy, and even government.

    Posted June 26, 2020 at 11:20 pm