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  • skyler

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    June 25, 2020 at 6:04 pm
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    These are amazing Ideas for jobs! I second the idea of a bed and breakfast! Here are just a few of mine.

    Farmer’s Market – Many people have this idea, but I would love to see the ability to own a farm or ranch and raise animals and produce. I’d love to sell organic eggs & milk from cows & chickens, honey from bees, preserves from home-grown fruit, home-baked sourdough breads. Eventually you could hire farm hands & employees to sell your goods.

    Also, if done tastefully (for the rated T crowd) perhaps slaughtering animals and selling the meat could also happen. Also again! The ability to visit the market if you are not a farmer, but gain a health boost for eating organic from the market.

    Flea Market – The same idea as Farmer’s, but any crafted (or even thrifted!) item in the game has the ability to be sold and made a business out of it. You could also go thrifting and buy exclusive items only found there (maybe even gallery content).

    Catering Business (Requires Cooking Skill) – Hire staff (servers) clients (for weddings, parties, graduations etc.) While you can buy ingredients from a grocery store (I hope!), if you use fresh ingredients from the garden you’ll get higher quality meals and get paid even more.