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  • cakeefeatured

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    June 25, 2020 at 12:40 am
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    I would like to see and have likes and dislikes be a contributing factor in finding someone they could be attracted to but not an overall factor. I’d like for them to go and approach people they’re attracted based on their own preferences too or whatever it is that attracts them to another, without us having to do all the socializing, but we can interfere if we want for other interactions but not for flirting/talking at first or asking another out if that makes sense.

    I’d like to have paras fall in love on their own with a bit of control as you mentioned being able to decide to proceed upon the feelings they’ve developed towards another. Because I don’t want to have to do all the work to have a para to be in a relationship I think it should be as natural as possible. And even having one sided relationships would be nice, some paras not putting in as much effort as another para does and they’d be able to react accordingly.

    But for online relationships I think it’d be nice to go through profiles and then be able to select a para to contact and the relationships could take off from there.

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