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  • Breedmond

    Moderator June 24, 2020 at 10:28 am
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    Yes, I agree. Those are all things I would like to see as well.

    How would you like to see Parafolk fall in love? In the other game, the second version has an attraction system. Based on likes and dislikes. It is easier to build a romantic relationship of there is an attraction. But it does not do much, you still have to perform interactions to make the attraction turn into a crush and later love.

    Do you think that Parafolk should be able to fall in love on their own, based on personality, traits, appearance etc? Then when they fall in love the player can choose if they want to act upon the Para’s feelings. Maybe a message could pop up for the player: It seems that Para A is falling in love with Para B, do you want this relationship to grow? If you say yes, the Para will keep having feelings and it would affect their mood positively. If you say no, the Para may become sad or angry or decide to think with their brain instead if their heart. They may go through the process of trying to forget the feelings. The way they react will depend on their personality and how strong they felt about the other Para.

    Or do you think that the player should have full control and the Para can only have crushes and fall in love if the player let’s him/her perform romantic interactions?