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  • I like the idea of either parent being able to take full custody of a child or their children.

    I think there should definitely be more consequences in regards to divorce and breaking up, especially for those that ended in infidelity and non-infidelity. Maybe for those that ended in cheating there could be more emotional responses than being sad then angry. I think emotional responses of: shock/disbelief/denial, sadness, resentment, distrust, anger, and hatred could all depend on paras personalities could happen all over a course of days. having it prolonged over seasons would be nice too for realistic gameplay but I know some would not want to have to wait for their para to get out of their “feelings” and move on lol. But I would like if some paras even though they moved on from an infidelity it could affect them emotionally sometimes in a new relationship like maybe they can get the fear of being cheated on again or have a hard time opening up in fear of being rejected or hurt later.

    As for non-cheating scenarios We definitely need mutual agreements on break ups and divorces where paras aren’t going to become angry or sad but they both agree it’s just not working out and leave on good terms.

    Having paras ask each other to sign optional prenups before marriage would be cool! So paras wouldn’t have to pay for alimony if they were to divorce.

    Posted June 24, 2020 at 9:03 am