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  • I hate to double post, but I didn’t see the need to make a seperate new thread for this since we already had a topic for pets. I had the thought a couple days ago how it would be interesting if we had a few different places to buy pets in the game. Not necessarily multiple at launch, but it would be cool to have some different options eventually.

    Most pet simulators only give 1 option to get a pet since the focus is on training them. I had an idea for 3 possible places to buy a pet in Paralives. Now the inclusion of horses over a more common pet like hamsters or birds makes this a bit difficult and probably weird, but I thought I’d put it out there anyway. The idea was to have a pet breeder, pet store, and pet shelter. Each option would have different pros and cons so there would be reasons to choose one over the other two options.

    Pet Breeder- The most expensive option. Pets would be no less than 1000 Paradimes and price could be based on species and breed. A pet from a breeder would allow you to enter them in a conformation pet show for money and prizes. You could label the pet as a ‘champion’ if they win shows. They’d mostly be very young animals but you could also buy a retired adult. You could also choose the breed of the species you want.

    Pro: Pet Show Access, breed choice. Con: Super expensive, rare chance of older animals.

    Pet Store- The mid-ranged option. Pets would be cheaper than the breeder, but more expensive than the animal shelter. Maybe between 500-700 Paradimes based on species. There would be more of a mixed range of young and adult animals. Random Breeds.

    Pro: Mid-ranged prices, mixed range of young and adult animals. Con: No breed choice.

    Pet Shelter- The cheapest option. Pets would be no more than 200 Paradimes. It would be mostly adult and senior animals, with younger ones being a rare possiblity. Buying from the shelter would allow you to get a bumper sticker to put on your car and you could label them animal as a ‘rescue’. Random Breeds.

    Pro: Very cheap, bumper sticker. Con: No breed choice, rare chance of young animals.

    Like I said, the addition of horses makes this a bit odd since I’ve never heard of a pet store selling horses, but I still think this is a possible system. Each hypothetical option has their own positives and negatives, which I think is the most important thing.

    Posted June 18, 2020 at 3:31 am