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The Paralives Hub Forums Open World What kind of community lots do you want? Reply To: What kind of community lots do you want?

  • Dizzardy

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    June 13, 2020 at 11:38 am
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    I had this thought that it could be cool to have an aquarium lot that you have to place alongside the sea (so it’s like half land, half sea) and you can build the aquarium in such a way that parafolk can view fish in the sea.

    It’s like, you know in Pokemon Black and White where there was that underwater tunnel you could walk through and see all the sealife above you.

    Also in general I feel like it would be kinda neat to have underwater lots, that’s probably for an expansion pass though. Like if they added mermaids they could have a technology vs nature theme and have sci-fi underwater domes and also natural “mermaid” habitats. I’m not sure if that would be feasible but it would be cool.

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