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The Paralives Hub Forums Parafolk Gradual Aging versus Life Stage Aging Reply To: Gradual Aging versus Life Stage Aging

  • bailey

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    June 11, 2020 at 4:54 pm
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    I would prefer gradual aging because it would allow for Parafolk to realistically progress through their lives. We could watch them growing and changing, gaining more skills as the got older.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind life stage aging ONLY if there are many different life stages to represent a person’s entire life. In other games where you only get life stages, they’ve limited the stages to a range of maybe 1-2 years with many others left out. Example: Going from a 3 year old looking toddler to a 10 year old looking child, skipping 6 years in between. That to me is boring because they leave out so much of the child’s life.

    I would prefer to see that life stages can represent a wide range of ages. Copy pasting an example for children I posted a while ago: young newborn baby (Up to 8 months)/ older infant (9 mo-1 yr); younger toddler (1 yr-2rs)/ older toddler (3-4 years); young kid (5-8 yrs)/ older kid (9-12 yrs); and lastly young teens (13-15)/ older teens (16-18). If we can get a large range of ages like this, I’d be fine with life stage aging since it would still feel that all of the ground is still being covered.