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  • bailey

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    June 10, 2020 at 10:20 pm
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    I like a lot of your ideas. I like the idea of hair clips and ribbons being available for baby girls, but I feel that it should be optional. I think I wouldn’t want all of my girls to have an accessory on at all times. I also think teaching to walk and talk should start at the baby stage, since a child needs to be walking to be classified as a toddler and also many kids start saying words before they learn to walk. But I love all of the other ideas you have. I hope we can see a lot of these in the game.

    I personally would love to see things like playmats, playpens, bouncer, and walkers for babies. I hope we can also get strollers and carseats for travel. For toddlers, I’m mainly hoping we can teach them lots of things. I hope we can teach them interactions, like how to greet other Paras, how to share with other children, how to pet an animal, etc. I love your idea for uniforms for children and teenagers in school. That’s one of my wishes as well.