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Paralives Hub Forums General Ideas Vacation Reply To: Vacation

  • I had this thought awhile back and made a doc about it and had people edit the doc to add stuff

    Theme parks:

    • Carousel/Merry-Go-Rounds

    • Waltzers

    • Ferris Wheel

    • Roller Coasters (scarier ones like with the hoops but ones more suited for children)

    • Haunted houses

    • Dark Rides

    • Kiddie rides

    • Drop Tower

    • Water rides (ie some rides ends in a splash)

    • Could be used for school field trips?

    • Events or celebrations like festivals

    • Careers- Food related, ride operators, retail employees (they could go up to Managers of the entire park), Mascots/ other walk-arounds

    • Restaurants- buffet style and servers

    • Hotels or Resorts.

    • Becoming the owner of the park

    • Events like a family gathering, a birthday party, marriage proposals,etc….

    • Parades/Fireworks

    • Arcades

    • Spinning Tea cups


    • tents/cabin/cottage
    • campfire
    • Hiking

    • Foods like marshmallows or s’mores

    • Could also be used for school field trips? (or for Guiding/Scouts)

    • Meeting locals and learning the culture

    • Boating/canoeing

    • Outdoor Activities- Exploring the woods, Looking at the stars, Fishing, etc..

    • swimming in the lake


    • Restaurants/ Cafe

    • Main Event Center

    • Boats


    • Camper units? Bunk beds?

    • A map of the camp grounds…

    • Pranking other cabians/camps?

    • Camp counselors having nicknames (instead of seeing their actual name without quotations, you see “Counselor Name”)

    • Camp parties

    • Bathroom houses

    • Camp traditions? Like a whole bonfire where the camp gathers on the first day?

    • Color Wars?

  • Activities like making dream catchers, friendship bracelets, and lanterns.

  • Telling scary stories around the campfire. Making S’mores and roasting marshmallows.

  • There could be a cafeteria for the campers.

  • A curfew. Campers breaking curfew probably to prank their friends, or to stargaze while everyone else is asleep.

  • Summer camp options for older kids

  • Counselors could be teens and campers could be children and preteens.

  • Camp Ground lore or history- It would be nice to do some world building.

  • Skill learning activities

  • Arts and crafts and wearable crafts


    • Bars

    • Swimming pools

    • Restaurants -both buffet and server style

    • Guest Rooms

    • Stage for entertainers

    • Water related activities- Jet skiing, water slides going into the swimming pools,etc…

    • Kids activities for family-friendly cruises (ie: Disney).

    • Events like a concert, a family gathering, a birthday party, marriage proposals, weddings, a movie night, etc….

    • Exploring the ship

    • There could be a fitness center with a spa, aerobics classes, etc

    • Gym…

    • An arcade would be fun for the kids

    • Skill activities (ie belly dancing, learning how to cook new dishes, yoga)

    • Basket ball hoop/golf tee

    • Libraries



    • Making your own builds with the benefit of getting money if done right

    • Going to other’s builds for vacations or for nomad purposes

    • Giving reviews to others

    • Meeting the owners

    • Adding amenities to get a better rating


    • similar to cruises bars/maybe restaurants and of course rooms

    • Ability to build hotels

    • Making it possible to use a room template for the rooms located in a hotel, so you can duplicate it easily

    • Careers-housekeeping, managers, cooks, bartenders, front desk

    • Try to raise the star level through special features and amenities


    • Careers-gift shops , food, desk, coat check in, behind-the-scenes folk (ie Museum Curators)

    • volunteers?

    • Tours (City and ghost tours)(vampire tours too? Louisiana style)

    • maybe the ghost tour leader (?) can wear a cloak and carry a lantern?


    • Boat tours

    • Docks

    • Aquarium

    • Restaurant

    • Giftstore

    • Aqua Marine museum? (old ships ect.)


    • Gift shops // souvenirs, little animal plushies

    • Being able to pet certain animals and feed them

    • Careers-zookeepers, food employees, vets?, zoo owner, animal curator, registrar

    • volunteering?


    • Attending “Broadway” and “Off Broadway” type shows

    • Jobs: acting, tech (lights), ushers, food concession, orchestra,

    Go to Sporting Events

    • Tailgating

    • Cheerleaders

    • Half time shows

    • Sitting in the stands

    • Special box seats (can also be gifted through work events)

    • Betting on the events


    • Horse Tracks

    • Access to beach

    • Depending on the resort could be on island or be a ski one

    • lot of hospitality jobs

    • golf/mini golf

    • Spas

    • Able to level up resorts, get them to 5 star

    Country Vacation

    • Farm-hands on experience with animals?

    • Festivals

    • Holiday tours

    • Championships (veggies/livestock/flowers)

    • Homemade products being sold

    • Build skills

Posted June 8, 2020 at 10:41 pm