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  • bailey

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    June 8, 2020 at 7:41 pm
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    I guess since I’m on summer break, I had a couple of thoughts pop into my head for vacations in Paralives. If we end up getting vacations (however they may do it), I hope we’ll have the option to board Paras pets when on vaycay. This might require a building in town which would need to be a boarding facility. Probably some sort of ranch so horses can be boarded as well.

    But I would hope for this to be a thing so Paras can take a family vacation for a couple of days, maybe even weeks without their pet being neglected at home, or the player being requried to play someone else to make sure the animal doesn’t starve. Of course, there could also be the option to take the pet on the trip as well, but I think there should also be an option to board them if that isn’t possible for the particular Parafolk family. Like if the vacation is too expensive to take the animal with them, or if the hotels in game could ban pets.

    The only reason I could see this not being necessary and wouldn’t mind if it never makes it in game is if we get the option to control pets, so we can just make them take care of themselves while the owners are away on vacation.